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Just released! To celebrate the milestone of 500 likes on her author page on Facebook, Laura has posted a free story: "The Strength of Antaeus", an odd little story with significant amounts of mythology in it. Most things are better with mythology in them. (The story is rated PG.)

Laura E. Goodin is a writer of science fiction, fantasy, old-fashioned adventure, humor, plays, libretti, poetry, and academic research. Her work has been published and/or performed on three continents, and plenty more projects are in the works.

Her latest novel is Mud and Glass, which combines riotous adventure, a fond satire of academic life, and a stirring manifesto of resistance against a nascent totalitarian regime.

"Mud and Glass is a glorious comedic romp, scything through the sententiousness of the academic world while showcasing modesty, courage and cleverness as virtues. I've not read comedy this clever since Jasper Fforde." — Russell Kirkpatrick, author of the acclaimed science-fiction trilogies Fire of Heaven and Husk

Her first novel is the rip-snorting adventure After the Bloodwood Staff, which critics have called "a rousing, rollicking adventure", "a great Christmas read", and "utter respite from all the doom and gloom bombarding us all from the interwebs in recent months".

Laura is interested not only in the wondrous and sublime that form the core of speculative fiction, but in how music, drama, and other performance arts can incorporate a bit of surreality, unreality, and hyperreality. Encountering strangeness and wonder in unexpected places and unexpected ways is what she finds most intriguing and exciting about being a writer.

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