Laura E. Goodin, writer

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Exciting announcement! My novel After the Bloodwood Staff will be published in December 2016 by Odyssey Books! Keep up with the details on my blog or my Facebook author page!

Many thanks to Rachel Roberts for the fabulous cover.

To celebrate 300 likes on my Facebook author page, I am giving away my story "Mooncalf", in which Caliban makes a very unconventional appearance. You can download it here. I hope you enjoy it!

Laura E. Goodin is a writer of science fiction, fantasy, old-fashioned adventure, humor, plays, libretti, poetry, and (very occasionally) nonfiction. Her work has been published and/or performed on three continents, and plenty more projects are in the works.

Laura is interested not only in the wondrous and sublime that form the core of speculative fiction, but in how music, drama, and other performance arts can incorporate a bit of surreality, unreality, and hyperreality. Encountering strangeness and wonder in unexpected places and unexpected ways is what she finds most intriguing and exciting about being a writer.